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Army reconsidering the Purple Heart for traumatic brain injuries

Washington, D.C. Active and Reserve Soldiers and veterans who were denied Purple Heart awards for concussive or mild traumatic brain injuries are encouraged to resubmit documentation for reconsideration of the medal.Since the Vietnam War, concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries, or MTBIs, as a direct result of an enemy action has always been an injury that warranted the award of the Purple Heart, according to Defense Department guidelines. Nevertheless, field commanders have sometimes been unclear on what constituted concussion.With medical advances in the treatment and knowledge of concussion and MTBI injuries, the Army has been able to further identify the characteristics of the unseen wound and clarify guidance for entitlement to the Purple Heart, said Col. Tom Quinn, chief of Soldiers Programs and Services Division at Army Human Resources Command.In the past, concussion or MTBI injuries were very hard to diagnose, Quinn said. Treatments varied and were not the same across the board, and medical officers werent always documenting that information in the Soldiers records.To receive a Purple Heart, a wound has to be the result of enemy or hostile action and the treatment for that injury must be documented in a Soldiers official medical records by a medical officer, Quinn said.For Purple Heart award reconsideration, the injury must have occurred on or after Sept. 11, 2001. Active-duty and reserve-component Soldiers must work with their chains of command, through the first general officer, by submitting a copy of their deployment orders, various Department of Army forms, a one-page narrative describing the incident and the conditions under which the Soldier was wounded.Two eyewitness statements, some type of incident report of the action or the cause of the wound that was the result of enemy action, and documented treatment by a medical officer in the Soldiers official medical records are needed, said Quinn. While treatment may have been performed by personnel other than a physician, documentation of the prescribed treatment must be solely by a medical officer.Veterans should submit packages directly to Army Human Resources Command. They can obtain copies of their deployment orders from the Veterans Inquiry Branch by e-mailing will also need to submit a copy of their DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. More information on submission requirements is available at for reconsideration is not a guarantee of approval. Quinn said the Awards and Decorations Branch at HRC will make the final determination, then notify the Soldier or veteran in about 30 days on the boards decision


MN lottery hunter preference for Purple Heart recipients and 100% disabled service connected veterans and etc

Hunter preference with hunting bear; Camp Ripley; turkey and deer.  [read on]

New Stolen Valor Bill Signed into Law

The White House says President Barack Obama has signed a bill making it a crime to lie about receiving a military medal. The Stolen Valor Act cleared both chambers of Congress last month. The White House says Obama signed it Monday May 3rd..That could include those who claim medals in order to receive veterans benefits, land a government contract or get a job reserved for veterans .Violators could face up to a year in prison.

VFW Eligibility Requirements

If you have received a campaign medal for overseas service;
or have served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea;
or have received hostile fire or imminent danger pay,
you meet the eligibility requirements.

Please bring a copy of your discharge paper to a meeting - also membership applications at the Canteen

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